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Join The Roadcrew

"Yeah, I'm with The Band."

Nothing sounds more powerful than those words... you belong and therefore, you're granted ALL ACCESS. Well, here's your chance to become a member of the Backstage Auctions, Inc. ROADCREW and potentially earn some CASH.

We are always in need of a good crew, people who can help us find bands, musicians and/or music industry icons that are willing to retain Backstage Auctions, Inc. as their auctioneer.

Your personal relationship or "in" with a band/musician may prove to be highly valuable. If you can successfully introduce us to your contact(s) - and if that introduction leads to an auction of any kind - Backstage Auctions, Inc. will reward you!

Now, before you start counting your beans, let's review the reward guidelines:

  1. Your introduction/referral needs to lead to an actual auction on our website. If for some reason the person/ band you introduce to us, or Backstage Auctions, Inc., can't come to an auction agreement, no reward will be made available.
  2. Referrals/introductions need to be of a highly specific nature. In other words, you need to be able to successfully "hook us up" by means of your personal relationship. Tips and suggestions are always welcome but those form no guarantee nor do they provide any special 'entrance.'
  3. Before we follow up on your referral, we'd like to first talk to you live. This will help us better understand the person(s) we're about to approach.
  4. Also prior to following up on your referral, we will provide you with a confirmation (in writing) that outlines your involvement and potential reward. This is to avoid any confusion or disagreement later on and assures your role in this referral process.
  5. Backstage Auctions, Inc. may decide not to accept a referral, or may decide not to host an auction for the person(s) you introduced to us. In such case, we are under no obligation to disclose the nature/content or basis for that decision. We will however confirm that to you in writing.
  6. Lastly, to be eligible for a reward, the actual auction needs to take place within 12 months of you providing the referral/introduction and the client consignor must agree in writing. If circumstances (technical or otherwise) prevent Backstage Auctions, Inc. to host an auction within 12 months, but such auction does occur within a reasonable period of time after the 12 months, then Backstage, in Backstage's sole discretion, shall determine whether you shall receive any reward in connection with the auction. Backstage Auctions' employees, independent contract workers or family members are not eligible.

"What if you don't know a Rock Star?"

No problem! While we primarily promote and host first hand collection auction pieces, certain "collections" are too good to pass up. If you happen to know someone who does have a truly unique music memorabilia collection of any kind, feel free to contact us and let's talk about it! As long as the items can be truly authenticated, are well preserved and there is a market demand, it certainly doesn't hurt to bring the collection to our attention. Depending on the size, type and value of the collection, we will discuss terms with you (unless the collection belongs to you and you wish to retain us as your auctioneer). Any award for referrals of this nature will be negotiated and agreed upon on a case by case basis.

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