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Backstage Crew - Backstage Auctions, Inc.

Jacques - Client Relations  
Jacques handles all client relations and business development. Having over 2 decades of collecting, trading and private brokering experience, he is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the collectibles market. "It's all about following your desires, living your dream and most importantly having fun!"

Kelli - Operations & Production  
Wearer of many hats, Kelli focuses her energy in keeping the crew in a constant state of motion. Having years of experience in managing various types of projects/productions and motivating professionals, she is the driving force in keeping the Backstage Crew operating like a machine. There is never a challenge too big or too small and she tackles everyday with authentic grooviness.

Jenny - Operations Juggler  
Jenny keeps the operation running 24/7 and keeps all the balls in air. When it comes to keeping all of our customers and clients happy, she is one of the best. And talk about dedication, she has been known to answer emails and process orders in the early morning hours, weekends and during holidays.

Art - Lead Photographer  
Art began as a intern but we can't seem to let him go. His passion is photography and all things digital. When it comes to processing the goods - he is all hands on deck and gets the job done. Although he is no longer an official "intern" - we still call him "Art - The Intern".

Amy - Production  
When it comes getting things done, Amy works like a rock and roll superstar. Inventory, descriptions, photo editing and anything else that needs to "get done" - she is the go to person.

Robin - Research  
Robin lends her skills to research for each of our auctions. She promotes our collections offered up for auction and leads our online social networking team spreading the good word about the Backstage Auctions events.

Rick - Research  
Rick leaves no stone un-turned when researching all kinds of historical information for our auctions. Once the research is done he quietly sits and cranks out item descriptions like no other.

Amie Jo - All Things Social  
A recent college graduate with mad social media skills, Amie Jo joined our team as a "post grad" intern. She supports our team and our auctions with keeping her eye on the buzz.

Gregory - Graphics Groupie  
He is the graphic "groupie" extraordinaire. One of the most creative crew members we have, taking our vision to a visually stimulating piece of art - on and offline.

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